Installation of parallel-computing Magpar micromagnetic simulator is a very challenging task for all interested physicists, and scientists in general, for whom computer science experience is from natural reasons very poor, especially within Unix-like systems. In the following report the reader can find step-by-step information how to install Magpar in Linux-based system. Since Magpar was issued in 2010, many details about location of files are not actual today. What is given here is a practical and clear presentation of the installation process tested at Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or 14.04 LTS systems.

Installation Magpar

MagCalc 2.0 is a free program which can be used to calculate (ferromagnetic and other) hysteresis loops. The package contains both the executable file as well as C++ sources so that it can be reviewed, edited and upgraded. If it is used for any publication, authors are asked to add a link to this website.

Download MagCalc 2.0

MagCalc 1.0 is the first program version, based on Microsoft Excel(R). Version 1.0 is available here, higher versions 1.x - including 3D models, exchange bias, etc. - are available by e-mail from the authors.

The program may be shared and modified. If it is used for any publication, authors are asked to add a link to the following article:

A. Ehrmann, T. Blachowicz
A simple model of hysteresis behavior using spreadsheet analysis
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 574, 012158 (2015)

A short introduction how to use the program can be found in this article, too.