Worth a visit


Berlin is always worth a visit – especially when the Annual Meeting of the DPG (German Physicists’ Society) and the DPG Spring Meeting take place there.

From March 15-20, 2015, several thousand researchers from all over the world joined the Spring Meeting of the DPG Condensed Matter Section. More than 300 plenary, prize and invited talks, more than 3,000 contributed talks and 1600 posters gave an overview of recent research topics, dealing with areas such as biological physics, thin films, semiconductors, magnetism, materials physics, vacuum science, crystallography etc.

The conference attracted young scientists and well-known researchers: Andreas Berger reported about fabrication of single nano-magnets by Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition; Albert Fert and other researchers showed latest results on skyrmions; Stuart Parkin depicted recent progresses in his racetrack memory; David Awschalom suggested to abandon perfection for quantum technologies; Eric Fullerton, Ulrich Nowak and others reported about all-optical magnetization switching; and Michael Grätzel talked about recent developments in mesoscopic solar cells. All in all, a broad variety of topics was available for discussion and inspiration of the researchers attending the conference.

An overview of future conferences can be found here: http://www.dpg-physik.de/veranstaltungen/tagungen/kalender.html