VIARAM is an open access, freely available scientific web site of multidisciplinary favor, a place to present ideas and non-solved problems, and to exchange ideas published in scientific journals covering advanced, applied and intelligent materials, investigated at nano-, mezo-, micro-scales with comparative analysis of dimensional effects and special emphasis on condensed matter methods. The multidisciplinarity is understood as the common use of experimental, theoretical and simulations efforts related to physics, materials science, electronics, etc.

VIARAM possesses the character of a science-based think-tank providing independent opinions from a general perspective related to development of science in contemporary society, about high-risk multidisciplinary projects at the edge between applied and basic research.

VIARAM realizes its goal by organizing virtual discussion panels, workshops, webinars and conferences, in order to disseminate and popularize scientific knowledge.

The VIARAM virtual institute is the initiative of two people: Prof. dr Tomasz Blachowicz and Prof. Dr Dr Andrea Ehrmann, actually being hired at Silesian University of Technology, Institute of Physics – Center for Science and Education, Gliwice, Poland, and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, Bielefeld, Germany, respectively.

The list of the recent scientific problems includes:

  • Textile magnetism,
  • Magnetization dynamics in low-dimensional structures,
  • Nano-thermal properties of fibers and textile materials,
  • Computer simulations of random walking and image processing in geomorphological structures,
  • Fractals and deterministic chaos analysis in applied materials,
  • Condensed matter methods in economy,
  • And other topics dealing with advanced materials.