Worth a visit – part 2


For the second time, the WearIt festival brought together engineers, designers and people from industry. From September 23-25, 2015, creative people, developer and investors met in Berlin to discuss recent ideas and projects in the area of wearables.

Besides an extensive exhibition and several shows and performances, a series of lectures informed about current developments in design and technology, medicine and sports. Here, Jan Zimmermann talked about the gap between prototypes and industrial production, while 14-year old Myrijam Stötzer explained how she developed an eye movement controlled wheelchair. VIARAM member Andrea Ehrmann reported about her experience with smart textiles for medical applications, especially textile sensors for ECG and pulse measurement, breathing and skin temperature monitoring. Bradley Quinn gave a keynote talk about the future of fashion, Riccardo Marchesi showed examples of electronic textiles for robotics and healthcare, and Malte von Krshiwoblozki gave an overview of recent technical solutions and applications in the field of smart textiles.

Further information about the WearIt festival can be found on their website: http://www.wearit-berlin.com/