low-dimensional structures

Electrodeposited magnetic nanowires

One-dimensional magnetic nano-materials – such as nanowires and nanotubes – are of special interest for the development of sensors and devices. Additionally, they can give rise to basic physical questions, regarding magnetization reversal processes in these special shapes.

Magnetic nanowires can be deposited, e.g., by electrochemical deposition. Co-Pt nanowires are of special interest for several applications due to their expected strong magneto-crystalline anisotropy. Magnetization can be probed in such nanowires using magnetic force microscopy (MFM).

Quasi-one-dimensional nanostructures

Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of different quasi-1D nanostructures – MgO nanowires, Fe3O4 nanotubes and nanowires as well as MgO/Fe3O4 core/shell nanotubes – have been examined by first-principle calculations. The effect of a deformation along the z-direction on the material properties has also been taken into account. As references, MgO and Fe3O4 bulk samples have been investigated.