solid state physics

High symmetry gadolinium(III) polyhedra

In a recent article, creation of hollow nanospheres Gd20, Gd32, Gd50 and Gd60 is described using the approach to assemble fragments containing different polygons. While structural analysis revealed the symmetries of the respective nanospheres, magnetic studies show in theory and experiment that these polyhedra show antiferromagnetic interaction which can be attributed to classical spins at the Gd sites. Magnetic measurements can even be used as "fingerprints" to identify the polyhedra.

Worth a visit

Berlin is always worth a visit – especially when the Annual Meeting of the DPG (German Physicists’ Society) and the DPG Spring Meeting take place there.

From March 15-20, 2015, several thousand researchers from all over the world joined the Spring Meeting of the DPG Condensed Matter Section. More than 300 plenary, prize and invited talks, more than 3,000 contributed talks and 1600 posters gave an overview of recent research topics, dealing with areas such as biological physics, thin films, semiconductors, magnetism, materials physics, vacuum science, crystallography etc.