Auxetic materials and their potential application in textiles

Most materials can be expected to have a positive Poisson's ratio, i.e. to shrink in x- and y-direction when they are stretched in z-direction and vice versa. Some materials and constructions, however, show a negative Poisson's ratio - starting from crystals, ceramics etc. to foams or man-made structures. Besides the basis interest in these structures, they can offer other interesting properties, such as shear resistance or sound absorption, allowing for their use in different fields of application.

Organic Spintronics

The MRS Bulletin reports about recent material research, concentrating on topics of high interest in which new research results and developments can be presented. The July 2014 issue  deals with the field of organic spintronics, in which the guest editors J. S. Moodera, B. Koopmans, and P. M. Oppeneer give a short introduction.

The 2014 Magnetism Roadmap

The research field of magnetism ranges from daily-life applications to novel ideas and products, such as magnetic sensors, memory cells, or nanoparticles used for biomedicine. In such a broad field, it is often hard to keep track of the latest developments. All the better to have an actual roadmap, pointing out new research areas of special interest, written by specialists for this topic.